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Getting It Across: Communicate Your Art Practice

Improve how you communicate your art practice through practical methodologies and constant feedback.  

Date: Friday, 24 February 2023

Length: Four Weeks. Online, Tutor-led. 

Early-bird tuition fee

Creative entrepreneurs & founders

ACT Growth Programme


A year-round mentoring and training programme for creative people wanting to start, grow and manage sustainable and purpose-led art organisations, whether they are for-profit or not. Join us in creating big visions for sustainable art organisations around the world. 

Rolling admissions, 1 year


Art Enthusiasts

Art Collecting Now

Programmes and activities designed for people who want to participate in the art world and acquire their first works of art. 


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Closer look: what paths are available to artists on Instagram?

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Early-bird Tuition Fee and Payments // Getting It Across

Premio Colección SÛ - Estampa 2022 - Tres Becas

Fernanda Gutiérrez | Chile

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James William Murray | Brighton, UK

Niyeti Chadha (b. India) | Ecdysis

Katrina Beekhuis (b. New Zealand) | Sand chair

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