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The ACT Gallery Programme is a six-week training course for mid-sized art galleries. Through a practical methodology, galleries improve their visibility, team's productivity and clarity on the foundations they need to have a strong presence online.

When art galleries approach us with SEO enquiries, they are usually experiencing the same challenges: Low Visibility, an Overstretched Team and Confusion. 

Galleries spend significant human and financial resources, promoting artists and exhibitions for which they don’t get recognised online, leaving them disappointed. They prefer to make exhibitions and approach collectors rather than worry about websites and digital marketing. On top of everything they have to do, they are expected to become digital experts, produce great content, and improve their SEO. They are left feeling overwhelmed and lost.

This programme provides a 360º understanding of their online business, from SEO to Audience research while providing them with a wealth of data and tools to be in charge and be autonomous in solving their problems.

Our participants get one-to-one training and access to unparalleled intelligence from the art world.  Most notably, they get access to our collector metrics which we have developed exclusively for this training based on feedback from international art collectors who sit at museums’ acquisition committees or have leading collecting practices.  

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Our Programme

The ACT Gallery Programme has been designed to provide you with the three things you need to have a strong presence online.


Leave assumptions aside, and learn methodologies to understand who engages with your content and why.


Get data of what your competitors are doing online and unlock digital and SEO opportunities for you.


Learn the simple tactics to keep your website Google-friendly and become more discoverable and visible.

Our Framework

Our Gallery Programme focuses on: 

Audience: leave assumptions aside, and understand who engages with your content and why.

Market: know what's going on around you and discover SEO opportunities you were not aware of.

Website: to keep your website Google-friendly and become more discoverable and visible using the valuable content you already have.

Key benefits from this programme


✓You will be known for the exceptional relationships you have with your audience. 

✓ You will be more visible for the artists that you represent and the work that you do.

✓ You will be more productive because you will know the real problems you must target.

✓ You will take care of your digital strategy, and you will not depend on consultants again. 

✓ You will align your work online and offline. 


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