Working for the art world and the creative industries requires passion and perseverance. Most people developing their art projects ⏤ , artist residencies, art galleries, e-commerce platforms, or membership schemes ⏤ often feel their hard work goes unrewarded. Whether you want to create a not-for-profit art organisation or a commercial gallery you need to focus your time and energy on answering these fundamental questions:  what is your project about? Who does it serve and why is it relevant for them? How can you generate consistent revenue to sustain it? Creative people have great ideas and a strong sense of purpose. But they often fail to realise their dreams because they constantly avoid money conversations⏤ still a taboo word in the art world. Join us in creating big visions for sustainable art organisations around the world. 

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Our Framework

Our Growth Programme focuses on: 

Audience: whether you are serving artists, collectors or any other participant in the art world, you need to identify and build a niche that will find your concept valuable and relevant. 

Concept: whether you are building a not-for-profit cultural organisation, an artist-run initiative or a commercial gallery, you need to create a unique and powerful concept that stands out in today's saturated art world. 

Revenue: whether you generate your income from grants, sales, or donations, you will need consistent flow of funds to realise your projects and make them sustainable over time.  



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