Man in art exhibition

Bijan Moosavi

(b. Iran, lives in UK) 

'My work demystifies the neo-liberal myth that the only way towards democracy and freedom in the Middle East is through the liberation of the market'


Man in art exhibition

Dalia Baassiri

(b. Lebanon) 

'Is cleaning Beirut possible? This city has continuously been engulfed in smoke since the outbreak of the civil war in 1975...'

Man in art exhibition

Esteban Peña Parga

(b. Colombia, lives in UK) 

'Having spent years representing visible light to the naked human eye, I have now set myself the challenge of portraying invisible light.' 

Man in art exhibition

Izabela Pluta

(b. Poland, lives in Australia ) 

'When the incandescent light passes through the paper’s surface, it fuses both sides of the map erasing the original markings to form a new version of what the ocean could be.' 

Man in art exhibition

Jonathan Murphy

(b. UK) 

'A smell of perfume triggers memories of a past lover; a martini is knocked off a table and crashes to the floor. What happens in our imagination is as important as what we see in the space.' 

Man in art exhibition

Jose Rosales

(b. Costa Rica) 

'Currently, I am working in the Museum of Artificial History, a textile and sculptural project where I invent my own postcolonial natural history collection.' 

Man in art exhibition

Les Egusquiza

(b. Peru) 

' Adentro (Inside) was conceived during my visits to Lima’s beaches, looking to find a safe place in the short times of permitted movement due to lockdown restrictions.' 

Man in art exhibition

Luz Broto

(b. Spain) 

'I connected the two interior spaces with a 150 meter-long cable for three days (...) I used a drone to run the cable over Bogota's rooftops.'

Man in art exhibition

Pedro Tyler

(b. Uruguay, lives in Chile) 

'Drawing images of kids playing at times of war and peace tell us of human beings' innate capacity for violence or goodness' 

Man in art exhibition

Romy Ruegger

(b. Switzerland) 

'I started working on "Approaching Ultra Light" when my grandmother’s loss of memory made her remember parts of her childhood and youth as the daughter of a traveller...'

Man in art exhibition

Soma Surovi Jannat

(b. Bangladesh) 

'In this pandemic situation, where we have spent over a year in our homes, my 9’x12’ room becomes the inspiration for my recent work – The Blank Hole.'

Man in art exhibition

Katrina Beekhuis

(b. New Zealand)