Closer look: what paths are available to artists on Instagram?

Date: Wednesday, 30 November 2022, 17.00 GMT- 18.00 GMT





For those still puzzled about Instagram, this ACT Meets will help demystify the art world's 'preferred' social media. Does it work, does it matter at all, and do art world "insiders" actually use it? Come to find out.

Tom Forwood, director of Critical Edge, will share insights from fascinating research he has been conducting on the art world's use of social media, its shape and interactions.

Part of that research has been to understand which artists the 'insiders' in the art world follow on Instagram. It also highlights how the art world's values may differ from those of the wider Instagram audience and the world at large.

He will delve into different aspects, including:

  • How the validation system(s) of the art world on Instagram work 
  • Instagram accounts to consider a good reference to think about our own
  • If the size of the following base matters and how art world "insiders" engage with certain accounts


Finally, we will discuss and share ideas on how these insights can be helpful for you. Join us!



Tom Forwood has specialised in analysing how different areas of the art world work beyond the commercial aspect of it. He founded Critical Edge on understanding behaviours of the art world that go unnoticed (from a data point of view). Tom used to work at Christie's strategy and intelligence and lectures at Sotheby's Institute, among others. He is also a Tate Young Patron. 





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Wednesday, 30 November 2022 // 17.00 - 18.00 GMT

This session is for the ACT Community and special guests. Get in touch if you would like to participate. 



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