ACT! Meets: Jo Stella-Sawicka On Prices, Representation and More.

Wednesday, 28 September 2022 // 19.00-20.00 BST

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Jo Stella-Sawicka, director of Goodman Gallery and former artistic director of Frieze London, will speak to us about pricing works of art in the primary market and will provide insights into how you could go about it.  She will also address other topics related to gallery-artist relationships.  You can email us your questions in advance to help her prepare, and there will be a Q&A session too.  



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What are the 'ACT Meets'?

ACT Meets are periodical get-together sessions for sharing ideas, knowledge and questions about the professional aspects of our artistic practices. The sessions are open to ACT Alumni and participants enrolled in our programmes. A few times a year, we invite guests and the general public. Please click here to learn more about our artist programme, ‘Getting it across: communicating your art practice'.