Sû Collection Award Grant Winners Announced

The winners of the SÛ Collection Award announced today at Estampa are Inma Femenía (Galería Punto), Almudena Lobera (Max Estrella) and Guillermo Mora (Galeria MPA).

We are delighted to welcome them to 'Getting It Across: Communicating Your Art Practice.' In their applications, we could see how our programme can support them at this stage in their careers. 

Huge thanks go to the SÛ Collection for choosing to give an education award and supporting our mission. Thank you,  Estampa art fair, for welcoming us and promoting this unusual award. Many thanks to all the artists and galleries who applied for this award. We feel humbled by the positive response this application received. 
Dani Burrows, special projects & institutional relationships officer at ACT! was present at the fair to welcome the artists to our community. 
The winners will participate in our intensive online course, 'Getting it across: communicating your art practice,' starting Monday, October 25, 2021. The course is designed to give visual artists skills for improving the way they present their practice and connect in the art world. This session is exciting. Artists joining us come from all backgrounds; South Africa, Syria, Peru, France, and Spain, to name a few. We have many types of practices represented, from painting to computational art.
We look forward to seeing the artists online today at 6 pm, Madrid time, for their Onboarding Session. ACT alumni Esteban Peña (Colombia/UK) and Shah Numair Ahmed Abbasi (Pakistan) will also join the session to welcome the artist to our community. We wish them success over the next four weeks. 

Inma Femenía (Spain, b.1985) is a young artist from Valencia.  In her work, she manifests how the growing digital culture conditions our way of perceiving the world. Her trajectory stands out by intense experimentation of light's effects on the different materials that live in our environment.

Almudena Lobera (Spain, b.1984) lives and works in Madrid. In recent years, her practice has focused on alternative models for the configuration of the visible, delving deeply into the notion that the image is not always visible or accessible in nature.

Guillermo Mora (Madrid, Spain, 1980) owns a unique visual vocabulary, creating an abstract mode of communication. Guillermo’s stimulating compositions construct environments through which the artist questions protocols and procedures in contemporary painting.


The picture at Estampa art fair with artist Guillermo Mora receiving the award.