Code of Transparency

Art Career Transformation (ACT!) is a UK-based platform that offers professional development programmes for the art world. We generate our income from selling our online programmes and workshops; we also sell items through our e-shop and sometimes receive sponsorships and grants.

An essential part of what we do is offering networking opportunities to our community of artists, collectors, and more. We do not charge commissions to collectors, gallery owners, or artists for the sale of art that our programmes and networking events help to facilitate. Period. 

Likewise, we do not pursue o receive a financial benefit from an art gallery or any other art seller that we reference or endorse during the development of our activities. We also provide gallery training, and we are happy to facilitate opportunities for them as part of our community‚Ź§, no strings attached.  

Accordingly, we are not dealers or art advisors; we do not take part in and are not responsible for the negotiations and/or acquisitions made by members of our community.

We are all about education, training and mentoring in the art world. This is what we do. We couldn't be prouder to be a safe space where our community can meet and create relationships with artists and art institutions.

If you have any questions about this code or would like to report misconduct, please email us at [email protected].