Getting It Across:

Communicating Your Art Practice

Participant Endorsements


'This has been an incredible journey of unlearning, reflecting, searching and constantly questioning what I'm trying to say and do through my work. This programme has been so rigorous, intense and in-depth -- I did not imagine it would have been able to impact my thinking and writing so much over the month, but it did'

-- Izabela Pluta (Poland/Australia).


'Why does the important and practical knowledge about life and work come so late, and not in art school or university? This experience has been incredible, helpful, engaging, clear and empowering.'

-- Luz Broto (Spain). 


'I have been lucky to take part in professional development programmes before. But they don’t compare at all with the level of focus, clarity, intensity and support that you, tutors, have put behind this.' 

-- Bijan Moosavi (Iran/UK).

'The programme's most valuable asset is the concise, thoughtful and caring comments and answers from Francesca. She tailored each comment to what every artist was trying to say. The videos are excellent and very helpful, but one could go on making mistakes without participating in the weekly practices and posts.'

-- Pedro Tyler (Uruguay/Chile).

'Even though it was hard, [a key strength of the programme] is whittling down your own practice, which at times can feel vast and unwieldy. But having the time to do this and feedback made it more achievable and incredibly valuable.'

-- Katrina Beekhuis (New Zealand) 

'The Act programme was a catalyst for me to revisit and rethink both my art practice and previous projects that I’d jettisoned because I was unable to articulate them well (...) [It] helped me look intensively at specific areas of my practice and think about them, an activity I would usually avoid as self-scrutiny might be uncomfortable'

-- Jonathan Murphy (UK)



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